Pini Kay Charcoal

GreenPower company, based on rich production experience, has developed and patented equipment for obtaining the “ideal” charcoal by pyrolysis of briquette Pini-Kay.

Environmentally friendly charcoal kilns CK-4 EURO are used by our company for the production of charcoal from briquettes Pini-kay. Many manufacturers worldwide have  adopted this technology.

Pini Kay Briquette Charcoal is:
-Clean; does not contain any harmful substances for human health,
-Safe for your health
-Safe for usage; no spark, no smoke, and no odor.
Charcoal Pini Kay Briquette has been produced with High Technique Carbonisation Process. Therefore’ Charcoal Pini Kay briquette is a premium quality product with high caloric value.
Charcoal Pini Kay Briquette is ecological. In the production process, eco-friendly production methods used without any damage to the forest resources-ecosystem and to the local population.